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International Scientific and Practical Journal


SN 9999-7661

Published since 2000, online since 2013 up to the present time.

From 2000 to 2012 was published under the name "Special Psychology" (Specialnaya Psihologiya).

Since 2013 on to the present is published under the name "Modern Psychology" (Sovremennaya Psihologiya).

Form of periodic distribution: electronic periodical, Internet address of the edition:

Language(s): Russian, English.
Distribution territory: Russian Federation, foreign countries.
Frequency: 2 times a year.

Editorial office:

Editor-in-chief: Alexander A. Galushkin

Assistants to the editor-in-chief:

  • Elena V. Maystrovich


Journal has Editorial board.

Publisher: Alexander Galushkin Publishing House
Postal address: 117198, Russia, Moscow, PO box 1

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